Shane Parker
My Background:I was raised in sunny central Oregon. Whether living the farm life or pursuing sports, I was surrounded by plenty of activity. Basketball and golf took me to Pacific University where I received a Bachelors in Business and also found a love of the fire service through volunteering. Prior to spending a few years in Salem receiving my Fire Science degree, I married my incredible partner in life, Angie. 2002 brought us up to the Battle Ground area when I was hired with Vancouver Fire. I currently work Truck 5 at our main station on 63rd and Andresen. Our 3 awesome kids keep us busy and smiling while chasing them around.
My Hope:Athletics have always been a part of my life….well, except for those few years after college when I let myself go. It was a bad feeling having gained 40 pounds and not even knowing it. I then promised myself I would turn a corner for good. No more wishy-washy fitness delusion. I feel too good when I stay healthy…and its infectious. I want you to feel it too! There isn’t a more satisfying feeling than when you help someone move into a healthier state. So my hope is that you would join me in a lifestyle change for the better…and maybe a bike ride, or run, or swim, or…

Angie Parker
My Background:I spent most my childhood years in Eugene Oregon. Some of my fondest memories were summers with my brothers at my grandma’s farm, the beach or seeing my Nonie at her retirement center. When I wasn’t helping grandma on the farm or harassing my brothers, I was usually busy working (first job Hickory Farms) and playing sports. Right before my senior year in high school, I took an adventure From Hippie town to Hick-ville. I have many stories surrounding these circumstances but one of the best stories is that I met Shane, my husband. I knew after a week of knowing him I was going to marry this man! Call me crazy but I am a girl who sees what she wants and goes after it!
Now that we are in Battle Ground, we have fallen in love with this community. Over 15 years ago, we moved here from Monmouth Oregon where I received my Bachelors in Science. With a toddler and newborn in tow, I knew this is where I wanted to raise my kids. Shortly after moving here and getting tired of doing Billy Blanks kick boxing videos in my living Room, I decided to be brave and find a gym. I discovered a friendly gym in town, where all were welcomed and encouraged to pursue a healthier lifestyle. I was so happy that they had classes to push and challenge me. But you better know I was in the back of the room, till one day I worked my way to the front. A little over a year after moving to the front I finally had the confidence to stand and look at myself in the mirror with a smile. At this point things starting increasingly changing, I had my confidence back, and was ready for a challenge. So long story short, I became certified as a Group Fitness Instructor. Since then I have added many other certifications, but the one that has been such an amazing experience was when I received my certification as a Silver and Fit Instructor. I absolutely love working with this group of people and they have taught me more about life then I could ever teach them.
My Hope:
Whether you are stuck at home because you can’t look in the mirror…or looking for a community of people to support you in a healthier lifestyle…or it’s just time to stop making excuses. I hope you stop by and let us help you find the perfect fit for you.

Stephanie Maahs
My Background:I have been married now for 22 years and have 2 sons…one in high school and one in college. I fell in love with yoga about eight years ago when I joined with a friend and discovered it helped the lower back pain I was having. When our yoga session ended, I continued on my own until I found a class here in Battleground which eventually transitioned into me getting my certification. I have been teaching here since 2007 using a format refered to as PIYO. This form is a practical approach to an athletic, dynamic mind/body blend of Pilates and yoga modified for group exercise resulting in greater flexibility, balance and improved strength. When I am not instructing, I can be found in my home studio cutting or coloring hair.
My Hope:Instructing is rewarding enough…but the real joy comes when a student tells me they have felt healing in their body from taking PiYo. I want my students to appreciate slowing down, learning to breathe and feeling their body become more flexible while gaining balance and focus.

Tara Eilts
My Background:Whether playing sports or teaching aerobics, I love a good work out! I’ve been teaching aerobics (step, toning, boot camp, fit ball) in Battle Ground for about 8 years. I love the people, the music, the stress release…it just makes me feel all around better! I also currently teach reading and math to 4th-6th grade students at Woodland Intermediate School, and have played and coached a lot of volleyball over the years.
My Hope:My goal in teaching classes at our gym is to make your work out as fun as it is effective. Focusing on the next move, the music and the friends you’re with make the time just fly by. I design classes so each individual person can get a great workout no matter their fitness level. I give low, medium and high options for the moves, and I love it when people in my classes are doing things differently to meet their individual fitness goals. You might hear me say, it’s your work out…don’t try to keep up with your neighbor! As long as you keep moving and keep coming, you will be looking and feeling great!

Shannon Elmer

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My Background:Can anybody say GO TIGERS? I sure can. That’s right…I grew up here in Battle Ground. I currently live in La Center with my two teenagers who have always been heavily involved in sports. I got certified when my kids were babies and I spent many hours at the gym trying desperately to lose the “baby weight”…85lbs twice to be exact!! Having gone through that helped me develop a strong passion for fitness as well as an understanding for the struggles of weight loss. Five years ago I became a Personal Trainer after teaching group fitness classes for the previous decade. Since then, I have also become immersed in the field of wellness and providing people with ultrasound body composition testing.
My Hope:My passion is to help people find what optimally works best for them. I get a kick out of helping people find a healthy nutritional plan that fits their lifestyle and coming up with realistic health goals. I have chosen Resolution Fitness as my home because of the atmosphere of ease and comfort, not a “show room” feeling like some of the bigger clubs. It is definitely a come as you are place and I find that to be very attractive. So come look me up. I would love to get to know you and your story.

Michelle French
My Background: Born and raised in Vancouver, I went away for four years to college at Pacific University
in Forest Grove, Oregon (including a semester in Ecuador as an exchange student), while earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish. Growing up, my passion was fast pitch softball. I played from age 8 through college, practicing nearly year-round. In 1999, I went back to college to earn a Master’s in Teaching. I currently teach 8th grade in Battle Ground School District. In 1995, I married my supportive husband (and Battle Ground native), Doni. We love spending time with our two children, usually attending their sports activities, while residing in the Battle Ground/Ridgefield area.
After college, ending my softball career, having children and having “adult” responsibilities, I found it hard to find time and motivation to work out, so I compromised my health. After having a brain tumor removed in 2010, I decided it was time to LIVE my life, so I tried a Zumba® class. I found it to be a fun hour of cardio, a way to relieve stress and improve my health. I have also met a community of new friends through Zumba® classes and events! I wanted to share the fun and encourage others, so in 2011 I became a licensed Zumba® instructor. Perhaps it’s the teacher in me, but I have expanded my knowledge by becoming licensed in Zumba® Toning, Zumba® Gold, Zumba® Kids, and Zumba® Kids Jr. I love to encourage others to get moving!
My Hope: I hope that I can encourage people to get moving. One thing I love about Zumba® is that ANYONE can participate regardless of ability, age or fitness level. I try to make class fun and welcoming so that students keep coming to improve their health. You do not have to look or move like anyone else – just come, move, bring a friend and make it your time! I have found Resolution Fitness to be a warm and welcoming atmosphere to come make new friends and have fun while improving their health.

Shay Alexander
My Background: Born and raised in the lovely Pacific Northwest, ShayI began my yoga journey as just another participant in the local community classes. From the first moment I placed my feet and hands on the mat, I instinctively knew this was more than just a new way to exercise. What started out as an attempt to alleviate pain associated with a degenerative hip disease I was born with, transformed into something much bigger then I had anticipated. Yoga, for me, encompasses everything I was seeking to gain strength, flexibility, and calmness. Once I met my husband, who is active in Martial Arts and Tai Chi, he challenged me to up my game in regards to my yoga “hobby”. At that time we spent the bulk of our time running our one son around town to soccer/basketball events. Once my son decided to pursue activities outside of sports, I found myself as a recovering soccer mom, who needed an outlet. During this time, I came to the conclusion that yoga is something that should be celebrated, refined, and shared so that others may discover all of the wonderful benefits associated with developing your mind/body/spirit together with the foundation of a solid yoga practice. So, in December of 2014, I began a new journey and enrolled in the Fitness Trainer program at Clark College. I received my first certification to teach through Yoga-Fit ®, and continue to pursue education in both Yoga, and Corrective Exercise. I really do believe that we can all strive to be the best versions of ourselves, and Yoga has given me more tools to accomplish this. As are most things in life, yoga is a constant work in progress, which is why we call it a Yoga practice, not, a Yoga perfect.
My Hope: Is to create a pleasant, fun, and relaxing environment for others where they may add the necessary tools to their own toolbox, so that moving forward together, we may all be the most brilliant versions of ourselves.

Heidi Timm
My Background: Heidi Timm I have been married to my best friend since April of 1992 and together we have four amazing children aging from 21 down to 6. Two boys and two girls. We have a very sweet black lab that also acts as a service dog for our daughter who has the autoimmune form of diabetes. I found myself lost in life being mom to children with special needs and wife, putting everyone else before me. I decided to take a little time to take care of me and to love my body through good nutrition and exercise and stop the cycle of negative self talk and self sabotage. As I grew stronger and healthier I fell in love with fitness. I am over 100 pounds lighter and I feel amazing! I am pursuing my bachelors degree in Exercise Science and am a certified personal trainer as well as a certified sports nutrition specialist. I love just about every format of exercise out there and teach most of them. I am scheduled to graduate from Bryan University in April of 2017.
My Hope: Is to help other people live life to the fullest! Its not about a number on the scale or size of clothes, it about being strong and healthy and being able to do the things you love and finding new things you didn’t know you could love. Its not about “dieting” or killing your self at the gym. Its about energy and zest for life. Its about fueling your body through good food and loving your body through movement. There is so much life to be lived I want to help everyone get the most out of every breath they have here on earth! Finding my health is the best gift I could have ever given myself and my family. Let me help you do the same!

Amy Jacobs
My Background:
amy jacobsI was born and raised in Seattle along with my older sister and my parents.  I studied Sports Science at Washington State University in Pullman, Wasshington. My freshman year of college I walked on the NCAA division one women’s rowing team. I have been involved in sports almost all of my life including volleyball, basketball, track and fastpitch softball. In the spring of 2016 I interned at Columbia Athletic Club while studying for fitness industry certifications. I now reside in Vancouver and have received my NASM certification in personal training.  I began working at Resolution Fitness in the spring of 2017 and am excited to build my client base, teach classes and help you reach your fitness goals.
My Hope:I chose the field of health and fitness to help people make changes in their lives. I am excited t0 be a part of your fitness journey and help motivate you to the transformation of body you desire.

Jennifer Heine-Withee
My Background:
 Jennifer Heine-WitheeI was born and raised in Seattle and spent 1 year in Portland Maine before moving to Vancouver in 1985. I graduated from Prairie High School in 1986 and from S.O.U. in 1992. I have been married since 1999 and have 3 wonderful kids.
I love to dance and have been dancing most of my life. I have a background in gymnastics and ballet, and was on the dance team in college. I have been a belly dancer since 1992 and have performed as a soloist and with my troupe Raks el Sehr. Every spring I, along with my troupe hold an annual international dance show and dessert to benefit W.H.O. called Shimmy Shake and Share.
In 2009 after running my 3rd half marathon I decided I couldn’t stand running and wanted to do something different. That is when I took my first Zumba class and was hooked. In 2016 I started teaching Zumba and shortly after, Zumba Gold. I am now teaching several classes each week and am loving it! I no longer struggle to motivate myself to work out, I look forward to it.
I am also a breast cancer survivor since 2007.
My Hope:I love teaching Zumba because every class feels like a party! It is my hope for all my students to feel good, have success and most of all fun! You don’t have to know how to dance to do Zumba, just move your body and follow my lead. It’s easy and you won’t even realize that you’re working out! Come join me and see what I mean…I guarantee you will have a blast! I look forward to meeting you.

Camille Leach
My Background:
When Camille at a young age was asked what she wanted to do in life she responded, “I want to help people have wholistic health: physical, spiritual and mental.” And this is the foundation of what fires her up to do personal training! She grew up here in Battle Ground playing Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball. In college she took up long distance running and moved into outdoor activities like mountain climbing. Camille took a year out of college to volunteer in Iquitos, Peru where she volunteered at a women’s crisis center. During her youth Camille developed health complications that led her to relying on exercise to keep her body and mind healthy. Because of the significant life-saving benefits she received from exercising it is her passion to share these life-saving benefits with everyone! Camille started her official personal training career in Walla Walla, WA where she developed skills and passions specifically for functional exercise, neuromuscular training, injury prevention, muscle strength/tone, and athletic training. Camille is married to her best friend Christian Leach, who is from Barbados, and is also a Personal Trainer. They enjoy being active in the outdoors together, spending time with their pure blood American Bully, Nazzar, traveling the world, cooking healthy and delicious meals together and being involved in their church’s ministry.
My Hope:
My Hope is that everyone can truly believe they are worthy to be healthy no matter what their back ground or present situation! You are worthy! I desire everyone to develop a healthy relationship with exercise and find what type they love so that it becomes an honor to move our bodies that leads to daily habits of movement!